Destination Imagination Chairpersons:
Brandon Wang and Tracy Qin

Destination Imagination (DI)

DI is a team-based problem-solving competition which teaches and encourages students to be creative, to think outside of the box and to collaborate in a variety of unique challenges.  More specifically, “teams learn 21st century skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship and courage) to build on their unique strengths.”  - Destination Imagination website

  • For students in 2nd grade only
  • Non-competitive
  • Coached by Volunteer Parent Team Manager
  • Introduction to Destination Imagination program
  • Typically meets once per week after school as determined by the Team Manager
  • Team performance takes place at the Seattle Metro Regional Tournament held in early March each year.
  • Annual fees $150 per student for the season (October-March) and covers team registration, instant challenge workshop and materials, program workshops, tournament entry fee
  • Fee waived for child of Team Manager, Grade Coordinator and covered by balance of team
  • For students in 3rd Grade through College; Elementary Level-EL (grades 2-5), Middle Level-ML(grades 6-8) Senior Level (grades 9-12)
  • Create and work in teams of 2-7 students
  • Coached by parent volunteer Team Manager
  • Meet 1-2 times per week – time/location determined by Team Manager
  • Each family must volunteer in some way for student to participate through  Bellevue Schools DI.
  • Annual fees $150 per student for the season (October-March) and covers team registration, instant challenge workshop and materials, program workshops, tournament entry fee
  • Fee waived for child of Team Manager, Grade Coordinator and covered by balance of team

General Information

Registration Info:

Once your child has been placed on a team by a team manager, please finish registration here.


Registration for DI opens Monday, September 16, 2019 at 9:00AM.

Team registration is open until October 31, 2019. Once a team is entered (deadline is late 12/19/19) in the Regional Tournament on March 07, 2019 (at Bellevue High School), no further changes to team can be made.  Returning teams can submit forms as a team through their Team Manager. 

If you are not on a team and want to be considered for a DI team, please register above and email our grade level coordinators to be added to our grade level interest list. Each Grade Level Coordinator will work over next several weeks to gather names by grade level and will make every effort to group students by interest while balancing gender mix and personalities with willing and available Team Managers.

  • K-2 Coordinator Rising Stars --  Tierui Chen
  • 3rd Grade Coordinators – Tracy Qin
  • 4th Grade Coordinators – Carrie Montague
  • 5th Grade Coordinators – Brandon Wang


2019-2020 team challenge preview is ready, please check here.

Medina PTA Destination Imagination is a program wholly run by parent volunteers. To organize a team, simply reach out to interested friends, fill out the Registration online. The best way to learn more is to ASK OTHER KIDS – already involved in our program. Another way to learn is attend our Learn More about DI Parent and Student meeting AFTER the first Medina PTA General Meeting.

Watch the BYTE and WEBSITE for updates


  • 9/13/2018 Thursday 19:00-20:00 Medina Elementary School cafe hosting DI Info meeting.
  • 10/1/2018 Monday 7:30-8:30PM:  Monthly DI Team Manager Training. Bellevue Library Room 6
  • 11/12/2018 Monday 7:30-8:30PM: Monthly DI Team Manager Training: Bellevue Library Room 6
  • 12/3/2018 Monday 7:30-8:30PM: Monthly DI Team Manager Training: Bellevue Library Room 6
  • 12/16/2018 Sunday 2:30-4:00PM DI Team Program Checkpoint I -- DI Instant Challenge Workshop
  • 1/7/2018 Monday 7:30-8:30PM: Monthly DI Team Manager Training with Donna: Bellevue Library Room 6
  • 1/9/2019 Wednesday: DI Regional Team Registration Final Date 
  • 2/4/2018 Monday 7:30-8:30PM: Monthly DI Team Manager Training: Bellevue Library Room 6
  • TBD - DI Tournament Volunteer Appraiser Training (only tournament appraisers)
  • Last week of Feb - 3/1/19: Regional DI Team Manger Walk Through
  • 3/2/2019 - DI Central Regional Tournament3
  • 3/30/2019 - State Tournament at Southridge High School 

Medina DI Co-chairs

Brandon Wang:

Tracy Qin: 

Team Manager Trainer
Brandon Wang, Melissa Lloyd and fellow DI TM alumni


Additional Information:

If you want to learn more about Destination Imagination, click view the What Is DI Parent Guide or visit:

Find out Ways Parents Can Help.

Helpful article: How to Start a DI Team


Team Manager Information

Click Here to view Team Manager Resources
Great information for Team Managers:
Travel Guide for Teams: PDF


Congratulations!!! Medina DI Teams

2018-2019 DI regional and state championship has been final.  Medina DI teams have achieved historical high results in both Regional and State championship. Medina teams won 50% of DI categories and are going to Global representing WA state in May 2019.  Congratulation Medina teams!! Special thanks goes to all Medina volunteer parent coaches, kids and DI PTA and supporters (e.g. DI t-shirt sponsors)  

    • Technical Challenge:  Aero Einstein (4th grade) State 1st place going to Global
    • Improvisation Challenge: Imaginators (5th grade) State 1st place going to Global
    • Engineering Challenge: Pisa Party (5th grade) State 1st place going to Global
    • Engineering Challenge: Out of the Box (5th grade) Regional 3rd place
    • Service Learning: The A-mazing Team (4th grade) Regional 2nd place

DI journey is a JOURNEY being together, grow together.  This year, three DI teams are going to global competition have organized a series fund-raising events to support both Medina DI funding next year as well as their Global registration fees.  25% of their fund-raising goes to Medina DI spending next year to enable more Medina kids going DI with lower cost!  Please come and support them by join the following events

    • June 2019: Medina DI Fund Raising Good Will Truck

Destination Imagination Websites

Seattle-Metro Region DI Site
Washington State DI Site
National DI Site

Article: So You're A Newbie Team Manager

Article: What is Interference?


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