Fall 2018 Programs:





Basketball(grade 2-5)


no class 11/12

Math (grade 4-5)




Basketball (grade 2-5)


no class 11/22

Drama (k-5)

no class 11/26








Lego Engineering (grade 5)



Lego Engineering (grade 2-4)


Lego engineering(k-1)








Public speaking (grade 1-5)



Soccer (k-5)



Smart with Art



Missoula Children's Theater is a PTA sponsored drama week 11/26-12/1

This year’s performance will be the unique interpretation of the treasured children’s classic, The Secret Garden

The week starts off with audition at 2:35-5pm on Monday 11/26, culminating in performances on 12/1 at 3pm and 5:30pm. Rehearsals are daily from right after school to 7pm from Monday to Friday.

This year Missoula Children's Theater Audition is on the Monday right after Thanksgiving, which poses special challenges for planning. We'd really appreciate it if you could pre-register for the audition. It will greatly help us plan for the audition and rehearsals.

We are also calling for two host families for the touring directors from 11/25 afternoon to 12/2. It's a great opportunity for your child to have artistic and cultural exchange with the directors, plus your child is guaranteed a part in the play and waived participation fee. We need your help to pull this event off! If you have any questions or if you are interested in being a hostplease contact Liang Sun at programs@medinapta.org. 

MCT is sponsored by the Medina PTA, and you must be a PTA member to enroll your child in this activity.


Lego Engineering by school tech specialist

This is a free program offered by the school. For different age groups, they work with different Lego and Robotics tools and projects. For details of the projects for each age group, please visit here.

Lego Engineering meets on Thur 2:45-3:35pm for grade k-1, 9/27-12/6. no class 10/23 OR 11/20

                                        Wed 12:15-1:15pm for grade 2-4, 9/26-12/12. no class 10/24 OR 11/21

                                        Tue 2:45-3:35pm for grade 5, 9/25-12/11.



Soccer by Titans(Formerly NPSA):  

Titans FC is the #1 youth soccer club on the Greater Eastside, providing top quality coaching to over 1,000 players and prioritizing player development at all levels. The Medina After School Titans program is an excellent way for players at Medina Elementary to learn about the game we love, as well as get a feeling for our program in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Our coaches will run a game based sessions that will ensure players of all levels will have a great experience.
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-4:00pm at Medina Elementary, option to participate once or twice per week
Start/End date: 9/25 to 11/1.
Grade: It's open to all ages.
Please sign up at https://www.afterskoolsoccer.com/bsd

Basketball by Localhoops:

Locahoops is an elite basketball training academy, specializing in skills development for young athletes. LocalHoops is hosting 2 separate basketball sessions(requires separate signups)
Schedule: Mondays from 2:45-3:45pm, from 10/1-12/10(no class on 11/12) or
                 Thursdays from 2:45-3:45pm, from 10/4-12/13 (no class on 11/22)
Grade: 2-5. 
For more information and sign up, please go to https://localhoops.leagueapps.com/events/818449-medina-tigers-little-ballers-training
The goal for this 10 week program is to teach the fundamentals of basketball through a structured learning environment. Athletes will be trained on ball handling, proper shooting technique, footwork into a right hand & left hand layup, initiating contact offensively and defensively, and general basketball IQ. Our Academy emphasizes respect, discipline and hard work. We ask that all athletes come ready to listen and learn, we will handle the rest!
Players are expected to bring their own basketballs every Monday or Thursday!

Public Speaking by Grasshoppers:

Grasshopper Enrichment is offering a public speaking series.
Schedule: Thursdays 2:45-4:00pm from 9/27 to 11/15 at Media Elementary.
Grade 1-5 .
Please sign up at https://grasshopperenrichment.com/registration/
Stand Up and Shout Out Loud...
This class is FUN!
Isn’t learning how to captivate an audience something that everyone could benefit from? Why not start at an early age when it’s easiest to grasp concepts and overcome fears. This class is all about inspiring kids to do great things! And the best part is that it is fun, too!
Through interactive games and fun activities you will learn how to:
• Stand out in a crowd using specific tips for success.
• Craft your message
• Improvise - sometimes acting goofy is the best way
to overcome fears!
• Team build and lead others
The class will culminate with an interactive presentation for family and friends.

Languages classes by Sponge:
Sponge offers Spanish, Mandarin and French classes.
Grades: K-5
Schedule:  Tuesday & Thursday  2:35 pm – 3:35
Contact: Go to spongeschool.com for more information

PTA sponsored programs:
Drama, Math and Chess are PTA sponsored programs. Please go to their respective pages on PTA website to learn more details.  

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