Runners Club

Every Tuesday and Thursday Morning

Come join us for the start of Medinas Runners Club. All children K-5 are encouraged to meet at the school field starting at 7:25 am to run, jog or walk with all their friends before school starts. Parents are welcome to attend! See you there! All students are automatically enrolled. This is a Free program.


The purpose of the Medina Runners Club is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. It also gives students an opportunity to meet other students in the school, and interact with their friends in a fun, healthy environment. The club also offers a chance for students to boost their self-esteem as they achieve their mileage goals.

The Runners club will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:25 starting September 12, 2019. It’s fun! It’s good for your body. It’s good for your brain. Student’s laps will be tracked and students will receive a token for every 5 miles. Come out and join us. I bet you'll see a bunch of your friends!

What is Running Club and when is it held?

Medina Runners Club is a fun, voluntary activity for students in Grades K-5 that is offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, before school.  Students can begin to arrive at 7:25am and can run, jog or walk until about 7:55am.

How Does it Work?

Parent volunteers set up a running loop on field, 4 laps will equal 1 mile. As a student completes one lap, he/she receives a “Running Club stick” from a parent volunteer. The students complete as many laps as possible during the allotted time. Students bring the sticks to the sign in table where they are collected and counted by volunteer 5th graders or parents, after each running session. Volunteers will keep a running total of the laps, throughout the year for each participant.  As well, we will track the top grade and boy and girl for each grade.

Why run with Medina Runners Club?

Running is healthy and fun! Students are recognized for their running accomplishments; both individually and as a grade. Accomplishments will be recognized in many ways such as toe tokens for 5-mile intervals, and a marathon token at 26.2 miles.

Other Important Information:

  1. Morning Running Club begins at 7:25 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students can enter the field and begin laps. Please have your student do a warm-up prior to showing up for running club.
  2. We encourage parents to join their children at runners club!
  3. Younger siblings may run before school, but only if a parent is present on the field with the child and the volunteers deem it to be safe.
  4. We do not distribute awards to top runners; we distribute awards to all runners that reach certain milestone goals. Running Club strives to maintain a friendly atmosphere where students support each other.
  5. In the case of inclement weather or any other safety concern, Runners Club may be cancelled. For the 2019-2020 school year, we will not be cancelling Runners Club due to rain. Instead, we will run sprints and drills in the undercover area. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Maxine Lee at We would love parents to come walk. We hope to see you at Running Club!


Is Running Club a coached track team?
No, Running Club is a fun, voluntary Program provided for the students of Medina Elementary School.

I'm not much of a runner. Can I still participate in Running Club?
Of course you can participate! Runners Club is open to anyone who would like to complete a lap. We will have plenty of walkers at Runners Club. Everyone is welcome!

What does it cost to be in Running Club?
There is no cost for students to participate. Medina families have generously funded all expenses of the Runners Club program.

When are the tokens distributed?
Tokens will be distributed to students on a monthly basis as each 5 mile is accomplished.

What is a Toe Token and how are they earned?
A Toe Token is a little plastic foot that is awarded for every 5 miles that a student runs. Student runners will receive a chain with their first toe token and will then collect Toe Tokens throughout the school year. Most students display their Toe Tokens on their backpack.

How will my child know the amount of laps they have run?  

We will post on the Runners Club page a list of all participants by grade and the total number of laps YTD. This will be updated on a monthly basis.

Will the miles I run in kids races, 5K's, and triathlons count towards my Running Club miles? Although we support all physical activities outside of Running Club, only miles run at school during Running Club runs will be counted towards Running Club totals.

How can parents help?
Volunteers are always welcomed and needed! We need volunteers to help pass out sticks to the students as they complete each lap. We are looking for 4 parent volunteers each morning.  It is fun to come down to the field and help. We also have many other small jobs to help facilitate the program. If you would like to help, please contact Maxine Lee at

How do I sign up my student? 

No sign up is needed. Your student is already a member of our club. Every student at Medina is welcome to show up and start running or walking anytime throughout the year.

Why run? 

Besides the obvious health benefits, there is mounting evidence that exercise prior to classroom work is extremely beneficial for elementary school children.  Students may learn better and be more focused, behavioral issues could diminish, they may achieve higher test scores and gain self-esteem.  We encourage you to jumpstart your children’s day by getting them to school a little early for Medina’s Runners club.







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