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Ski Bus Winter 2020!

We are super excited to get Ski Bus going!

The registration for winter 2020 has been closed.

For waitlist inquiry, please contact




Ski Bus runs after school on Wednesdays, with the bus departing at 1:00 pm to give students a chance to change and get ready. We return to school at around 5:30 pm. 

Dates: Wednesdays: January 8,15,22,29, February 5,12 2020

If the ski school cancels a day, the series will be extended until all 6 sessions are complete. If needed, the first make-up day will be Wednesday, February 26.

IMPORTANT- Once you have successfully registered for ski bus, you will receive information on how to proceed with ski/board lesson sign-ups, and how to purchase your SKi Pass.  This information will come to you via email, by Nov 8.  If you do not receive this information, please reach out to us at (it means your email is not correct or we do not have it in our roster).  It is your responsibility to stay informed.  The deadline for lesson sign up is Dec 3, if you do not have your child signed up for lessons by the deadline, we will refund you your ski bus registration and move to the next child on waitlist.  Also please note, after Dec. 5th, we will make no changes to the ski bus roster, no refunds or exchanges.  Thank you for your understanding of our need to have deadlines in place. 

The lesson program is open to all Medina Elementary students (K-5). However, transportation on the Ski Bus is available only for students in grades 1-5 (sorry, but there is no bus for kindies). This is a PTA-sponsored activity, and for insurance purposes, you must be a current PTA member to sign up your child for this program.  There are different options available, but at the minimum, you will need to purchase the Summit L-T-D Pass. You can learn more and order your season pass on the Summit at Snoqualmie website

We look forward to another great and hopefully very snowy ski season!

Registration Information:

**Ski Bus online registration will begin Tuesday, October 22, 2018 at 9:00 am.  , Please read through all paperwork and forms.  Forms are in the "click here to register" below. If your child will be taking lessons but not riding on the bus, please let us know at . We will be sending out an email by 11/8 with instructions on how to sign up for ski lessons and purchase your season pass. If you have not done so already, please sign waiver on this link, 

Ski Bus registration will open Tuesday, October 22, at 9:00am - the registration is currently closed. Please contact to get on the waitlist.

Please note that for insurance purposes, you must be a current PTA member to register your child for this activity. We will have two buses going up to Alpental, and we can take up to 85 students on the buses. Parents also have the option of driving their students to the lessons. If you plan to drive rather than have your child ride the bus, then you do not have to sign up for ski bus.  Please send us an email, if you are driving your child- not taking the bus- we will send you information on signing up for lessons and purchasing a season pass.

We are very much looking forward to our first trip to Alpental on Jan 8th. Here are some important things to know. Dates: Wednesdays: January 8,15,22,29, February 5,12 2020

Please let us know if child will not be attending ski bus on any given Wednesday (e.g. out sick, vacation, etc.), so we have an accurate list for every day. Please email us at


You can drop-off your child’s equipment on Wednesday mornings when you drop-off your child at school or anytime before the bus leaves at 12:40pm.

  • Please drop off your child’s skis, poles and snowboards on the lawn at the front of the school.
  • All ski bags, clothing, snacks, and boots can be dropped-off inside the gym/cafeteria on the stage. It’s best to send these items in with your child as they head to their classrooms in the morning.
  • NOTE: Ski and Snowboard equipment will not be allowed on the regular morning school bus - you must arrange to bring your child’s equipment to/from school on ski days.


At 12:15pm your child will head down to the cafeteria  to change into their ski clothes.  It helps everyone get more time skiing if children put their ski boots on at this time. You may meet your child at the cafeteria to help them get ready.  

  • Please have your child’s ski pass on their jackets or a lanyard so we can check for the pass as they board the bus, they must have their ski pass and a helmet to get on bus.
  • Please pack your child a hearty snack and water.  The kids can eat and drink on the bus.  They love having their snacks and watching movies as we head to and from Alpental. We do need to keep the buses clean, so please make sure your child knows to clean-up afterwards - we can be fined for leaving the bus dirty...
  • NOTE: Your child cannot bring their school backpack on the ski bus, we simply do not enough room.  If you are not able to meet your child please make arrangements to have someone else take the backpack.

SKI DAY SCHEDULE (times can vary due to weather/road conditions):

  • 12:15pm - School Dismissal. Children head to Art Room to get dressed. Parents are responsible for making sure that the students are dressed in their ski clothes and ski/snowboard boots and have their gear ready prior to boarding the bus.
  • 12:40pm - Buses start loading, or sooner, if possible
  • 12:50pm - Roll-call taken
  • 1:00pm - Buses depart for Alpental
  • 2:00pm - Arrival at Alpental
  • 2:15 -4:15pm - Ski/Snowboard Lessons
  • 4:25pm - Roll-call taken
  • 4:30pm - Buses depart for Medina
  • 5:30pm - Buses arrive at Medina Elementary (depending on road conditions)
NOTE: Parents often wait in the parking lot at school starting at 5:30pm - we need you to be at school at this time and ready to help with equipment.

GEAR CHECKLIST- you need all equipment with you to get on ski bus.

  • Ski Pass – attached to jacket (must have to board bus)
  • Ski Jacket, helmet (must have a helmet) goggles
  • Ski Gloves or Mittens and hand warmers, sweater, long underwear,
  • Ski Socks (well fitting)( wool is great)
  • Ski/Snowboard Pants
  • Ski/Snowboard boots, skis/poles/snowboards- please make sure all equipment fits well,
VERY IMPORTANT: Please check all clothing and equipment for proper fit and function prior to the first lesson. A “dry run” will insure that your child’s first day goes smoothly! Also, it’s a good idea to label every piece of equipment with a name and phone number - we always have so many gloves, goggles, poles, hats, etc. - after every trip...

Questions? Please contact  Mette Naness at



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